Writing and seduction

One of the things that is bothering me right now is that as I began studying story telling, I learned more about attraction, boredom, and kind of started worrying about what makes people tick. It’s about seduction really. And obviously my crazy mind makes the parallel with the different stages of dating, and how you kind of need to maintain this attractiveness as the months go by. I can’t even imagine people really need to play that dance for years once they are engaged.

Another part of it, is that you can kill boredom in many ways, but the advantage of speaking to another human being is the unpredictability of the response. Almost the same as gaming, although people do not necessarily speak much while playing. So I can kind of get behind the thought of using discussions as a distraction, which seemed odd to me at first. Conversations to me a way to create a bond with someone else and exchange ideas. They should always have a purpose, I don't understand smalltalk.

This is really what attracts me to creating my own games, or stories, the ability to communicate to another human being your sense of beauty, emotions, philosophy, etc. You share a message about a human experience. But it’s only an illusion, you have to let the reader fill in the blanks. The same thing happens in seduction where you shouldn’t reveal everything, keep the mystery alive, just enough, that interest is still present. But hey, not my field of expertise… or should I just practice ? The price to pay to write better stories.